Tweens are the kids between the age of  8 and 12. The pre-teen years sets a foundation for the teenage years. How your relationship will be with your teen can be easily understood by how the tween years were. Every age group requires different approach to parenting. Kids at this stage go through not only physical changes, but also emotional, mental and social changes. Trying to understand their place in world, they observe, learn and form their own perspectives and opinions. Understanding their own likes and dislikes.

What are the THREE points you should remember?

  • Children Observe

    At this stage, they are observing the world around them. So rather than telling them what to do, it’s time to provide guidance and through your own behavior let them form their own orientation. What’s right and what’s not, they’ll learn through your actions. Remember: Action speak louder than words.

  • Confidence Building

    One of the most important things a parent must do is build their child’s confidence. It is, after all, a stage of exploration. Trying to workout things is what the child shall do. Appreciating their efforts, celebrating the steps that they take is crucial. It not only builds their confidence but also strengths the bond between the child and the parent. Creating the foundation for the friendship that’ll be essential in their teenage years and ahead as well.

  • Spiritual Quotient

    It’s the time to build the spiritual quotient of your child. Make sure to develop their interest in meditation, pranayama and yoga.

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According to Dr. Pooja, this is the time for active and creative parenting. And you need to align yourself with your child’s needs.

This stage is important in the development of social and communication skills and self-confidence. Provide them that safe space to explore and learn.

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