Embark on a comprehensive exploration of psychology through our dynamic Psychological Internship Program at Vishwas Healing Centre. Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to encompass crucial facets of the field, delivering a holistic learning experience tailored for aspiring mental health professionals.

  1. Diagnostic skills: Refine assessment abilities through case history and mental status examinations.
  2. Counseling expertise: Cultivate confidence and empathy through real case analysis and discussions.
  3. Therapeutic modalities: Explore Psychotherapies, REBT, BT, and CBT for tailored interventions.
  4. Practical skills: Develop through role plays, mock sessions, and case presentations.
  5. Specialized areas: Delve into Parenting, Child Counseling, Premarital, and Marital Counseling.
  6. Certification: Receive recognition and a Letter of Appreciation upon successful completion.
  7. Offline format: Hands-on learning at Vishwas Healing Centre for a transformative experience.

Check out psychology internship video: Embark on a Life Changing Psychological Internship Journey

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