The integrative approach of psychology and spiritual healing in mental health with Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma

Dr. Pooja’s journey began at the age of 15 after she began studying psychology as well as spiritual healing at the same time. Soon she realized that perhaps, the two realms are deeply intertwined at their foundations; since both disciplines explore the human subconscious mind. She had considerable difficulties initially persuading people. However, fortune favors the prepared minds; her determination brought her luck which made her journey easier.

The youngest psychologist

Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma, founder of Vishwas Healing Centre, strongly believes that when it gets down to treating mental state, there is an unending optimism to relieve via an integrated model. Usually, mental health patients may not recognize their troubles, especially those that are concealed.

According to her belief, spiritualism is frequently confused with religion. However, this is not the reality, spiritualism isn’t a religion. It transcends all cultures, castes, and religions. She explained, “This has something to do with you, your inner self, and the proper life philosophy. It’s also about achieving serenity and reconnecting with yourself. Somebody who can achieve peace within, does not require the help of other.” As a result, at Vishwas Healing Centre, she strives to restore such long-forgotten understanding, taking a step ahead of cognitive and emotional quotients, to the much-required Spiritual quotient.

The fascinating challenge and her amazing journey

Her prime assets, creativity and passion assists her to combine the two areas in a very profound and valuable manner that she never looked back again. Each member/client has enhanced her uniquely. She is an amazing leader who beautifully amalgamate the potential of everyone at the office to bring out the best team to serve the community.

So, she never felt her job to be difficult. Instead, it became a fascinating challenge for her, something what we look for in a psychologist. Her extensive counseling abilities, grasp of the variations and pairings of multiple methods employing psychological as well as spiritual healing, has earned her great client satisfaction.

When she turned her passion into career

Her passion for her profession and creativity has gotten her a lot of success. She considers it a privilege to report that her job success percentage is 99.1%. This belief proves to be a defining moment in her life. She feels that both psychological, as well as spiritual healing, have benefited not just her but also her patients. She has always considered opportunities in every struggle or challenge that she faced in her work.

“The challenge in integrative approach was no struggle but a path of growing up” – says Dr.Pooja

The brilliance of both psychological and spiritual healing involves discovering and bringing hidden problems to the forefront to be healed. Luckily, after 18 years of dedicated work, she has also changed her life as well as the lifestyles of many others. Although psychology is rational, spiritual healing has an element of mysticism that could only be experienced.

The legitimacy of the combined field of psychology and spiritual healing has been demonstrated by Vishwas Healing Centre.

Also during Covid-19, which now has shattered people’s lives, Vishwas Healing Centre believes that they were lucky to be able to help individuals deal with anxiety as well as depression in some way. The digital factor arose when they released motivational clips and held regular free Talk sessions for six weeks to help individuals cope with anxiety and stress. These digital workshops assist individuals in planning for any additional ambiguity and preparing for the shifts that may occur as a result of the pandemic.

You can reach her @ +91 9899201645, +91 9911401645

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