New Year calls for new kind of celebrations. Every year, we hold an event on the first day of the year but it used to be an offline event at #VishwasHealingCentre. Since, we could not hold a big gathering due to the pandemic times, therefore we decided to hold the event online, so that everyone can join us sitting safely at their homes.

But, we feel grateful to share that many of our clients wanted to begin their #newyear with Healing Energies and hence they came to pay a surprise visit. They believe, the energy which they receive on this day stays with them throughout the year. Furthermore, the ‘Wish-list rituals, spiritual prayers and healing’ they participate into, work as a powerful manifestation for the goals to be fulfilled in that year. There are many more reason for them to celebrate this day with us but these are only few among those; they made sure that they don’t miss this day with us. Moreover, there are many who participated online and asked us to do the rituals on their behalf. We want to thank everyone who visited us on New year’s celebration. We felt overjoyed and honored by the act of love from each one of you!!!!

Indeed, it was not the same as physical presence but we made every possible effort to lessen the distance through digital aids and managed to take #livesessions and workshops on our online platforms. Must to mention here, the results are beyond expectations. In fact, this year, we shared our celebrations with much more number of audience, we even introduced many new activities. It was indeed a successful event. Here is the glimpse from our celebrations.


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