Love and Peace Bracelet



Everyone wants to experience love and peace in their lives. That’s one of the reasons why Energy Masters and Healers created this wonderful combination for people who wish to experience love and peace. Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystal these two combinations definitely can make strong and powerful bonds. 

When you wear this on your left hand you will witness that you will be continuously making more positive changes in your life. 

Rose Quartz opens your heart. Heal your all emotions and relationships. 

If you want to attract love, look no further than romantic Rose Quartz. Placed by your bed or in relationship corners of your home. It is so effective in drawing love and relationships towards you that it often needs Amethyst to calm things down. 

In existing relationships, it will restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love. 

Amethyst helps to give clarity to thoughts and even helps to release stress, Anxiety, also enhances the quality of your sleep. 

This apart it might even give you more calmness, and a peaceful environment around you. 

Indeed this beautiful combination of crystals releases all negative energy and brings positive and happy vibes.

Beads – amethyst- 11beads / Rose – 10 beads  with 1 buddha head

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