Rose Quartz And Clear Quartz Bracelet



We all want to live our precious life with good manners and fulfill our needs in all aspects. Align yourself with a true sense of life.  Connect with reality and how to act for such natural things. 

    1. Help to create bonding with your love once.
    2. Enhance love and Emotions in your life. 
    3. Peace your mind and gives you clarity.
    4. Release stress and anger.
    5. Harmonize all chakras 
    6. Heal your heart and heart trauma. 
    7. Realize your unwanted fear. 
    8.  It helps you with self-love and self-care,  and this apart brings deep inner healing.
    9. Enhances concentration and unlocks. Memory Quartz is a great energy saver.
    10. Rose quartz crystal is all about unconditional love.

Beads rose quartz – 11 beads/clear quartz- 10 beads / 1buddha head/1hamsa hand symbol

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