Imagine a world where brothers and sisters are like characters in a heart-warming story. Sometimes, this story takes a twist that makes hearts ache – a twist called negative rivalry. This happens when siblings compete in a way that brings more tears than smiles. Yet, there’s another side to this tale, a side that fills hearts with warmth and hope.

  • Think of a team where each player strives to do their best, not just for themselves, but for everyone. Positive sibling rivalry is like being teammates who cheer for each other’s victories. It’s a bit like the cheers in a stadium when a favourite team scores a goal. When one sibling achieves something, it’s like the whole team wins, and the cheers turn into a joyful symphony of support and affection.

  • Still, there’s a different chapter in this story – one where siblings compete in a way that causes sadness. This occurs when they feel like they’re missing out on attention or fairness. When this kind of rivalry takes the spotlight, it’s as if a grey cloud hovers over a sunny day. But remember, even behind the clouds, the sun’s warm light still shines.

  • Parents are the guides in this sibling journey, much like a compass steering a ship. They help siblings understand how to support and encourage each other. With their guidance, siblings can become a united force, even while they’re competing.

  • Think of a canvas painted by two artists. Each one brings their own colours and style, creating something beautiful together. This is what happens when siblings come together, combining their unique strengths. When they lift each other up, the canvas transforms into a masterpiece that captures the essence of their bond.

So, in the story of siblings, there are moments of happiness and moments of sorrow. But the true essence lies in how the story unfolds. Will it be a tale where siblings stand side by side, cheering for each other? Or will it be a tale where they feel upset and distant from each other?

Remember, this story is like a melody, a balance between competition and companionship. It’s like taking steps together along the same path. Through this journey, brothers and sisters discover the magic of being there for one another, dreaming together, and sharing the sweetness of victory like a warm embrace on a chilly day.

By Intern Kanishka

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(The views/opinions are solely of the Interns and is there for general information and awareness purpose only. It is strongly recommended that people should always consult the professionals.)

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