We could establish the importance of spirituality in every individual’s life but the main question is when does one start developing one’s spirituality? Just as learning a new art, childhood is the best time, in the same way, childhood can become the stepping stone toward an individual being spiritual. But how can a child know about the concept of spirituality? For a child to indulge in spiritual practices, the parents should be aware and be spiritual themselves.

So, if you are a parent who wants your child to adapt to spirituality in their life, ask yourself this question, “Am I spiritually aware myself?”. “Children are like sponges they will absorb what their surrounding provides.” Hence, the parents must be careful of what their children are being exposed to.

For Example:

  • A big part of being spiritual is accepting oneself. If the parent or parents find fault in their child and compare their shortcomings with the strengths of others, the child will never learn to accept themselves. The first acceptance always comes from parents. Even before children are aware of themselves, the parents need to accept their children just as they are. Yes, there are areas of improvement but that is what they are, “improvements” not changes.

  • Encourage your child to become the better version of themselves but not change them completely. Highlight their qualities, and talents and above all, accept yourself as a parent. Only when you accept yourself will you accept your child, which will lead to your child accepting themselves. It is all a cycle which starts with the parent.

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As a parent, are you aware of the purpose that you have? Are you aware of your role in your child’s life? An answer to those questions can help you begin the spiritual journey with your child. A very important fact to remember is to never confuse religion and spirituality. They are two separate concepts. Yes, in a country like ours, it is difficult to see the differences because our religion is based on spirituality. But to know the difference, we need to look deeper into the scriptures of the saints and sages and not only look into the divinity of it. Even while reading the stories of our Gods and Goddesses, we must look more into the values and morals they provide with or without devotion. The existence of Gods and Goddesses in our scriptures doesn’t make it mandatory for us to be devotional and sacrificial towards them. We can simply be spiritual and learn from their stories instead of always being devotional. You need to understand and accept that your child does not need to be devotional or religious to become spiritual.

Your role as a parent is to introduce your child to the lifestyle of spirituality and with time, they will find their path albeit different from yours, but a path all the same. But you need to begin your spiritual journey for your child to follow, hence, start the foundation today with yourself.

There are some points for parents:-

  • Help them stay connected to what they’ve come into this world with, which is the awareness that we’re all one.

  • Let them stay grounded in the love they feel, for all people who smile at them, and the love they feel for nature.

  • Refrain from squeezing their inner wisdom out of them at an early age.

  • Raise your spiritual selves. To raise a child with integrity is to have integrity.

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