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Ink Wash Painting Workshop

Ink Wash Meditative Art Workshop

INTRODUCTION Ink wash painting, originating from China, was introduced to Japan where it developed its own unique style. In Japan, paintings created solely with black ink are known as sumie. Sumie focuses on the use of shading and gradation techniques. On a cartridge sheet,...

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How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health In 2023

The power of positive thinking is real, while entering the new year the phrase– “new year, new me“ often resurfaces. The thought of recreating yourself with new beginnings, and focusing on crafting a new version of yourself often emerges within many. New year resolutions...

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corporate training

Motivating And Enhancing Productivity And Creating A Cohesive Workplace

Motivating students to give their best & dealing with individual differences among students. There is always room for improvement in your academics & overall growth & development of students, but as mentors be careful not to start thinking that your students are a complete...

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