Clinical Hypnotherapy (Diploma Course)

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Diploma Course)


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Much of our work in training programs or in our Workshops of Clinical Hypnotherapy is about getting you to stop being logical and practical, So it’s important to have realistic [plan and backup plan, but start of the plan has to begin from your subconscious mind. In this training program of Clinical Hypnotherapy you will be made to discover what you really love to experience and manifest if anything were possible. Once you are able to figure out your subconscious mind will be aligned so that you might find the way to get there. Don’t let your subconscious mind make you form believe system such as you are too old, you are too young this will never work , who do you think you are what people think etc. So taking the journey of the subconscious mind is greatly beneficial for you to reprogram these faulty believe systems. Let’s transform and rediscover your purpose and heal your life. You are worth it.

This course comprises:

  1. Level 1- Hypnosis for Beginners
  2. Level 2- Advance Hypnosis
  3. Level 3- Clinical Hypnosis
18 years and above, preferably graduate, or senior secondary with good communication skill
11 AM – 5 PM per day (timings are flexible)


Be a Professional Hypnotherapist and a Practitioner with Diploma Course of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Following levels are taught under the course:

Level 1: Hypnosis for Beginners

  1. Understanding Hypnosis
  2. Human Mind
  3. Principles and Techniques of Induction
  4. Hypnotic Trance
  5. Personality and its Application in Hypnosis
  6. Planning and Conducting a Hypnosis Session
  7. Ethical Issues
  8. Self Hypnosis: Concept, purpose, laws, process, and applications
  9. Techniques of Self Hypnosis and Hypnotic Meditation

Level 2: Advance Hypnosis

  1. Hypnotic Modalities
  2. Ericksonian Hypnosis
  3. Kappasinian Hypnosis
  4. Visualization and Imagery
  5. Dream Therapy
  6. Hypno-diagnostic Tools: Suggestion Therapy; Hypno-analysis; Paris window; Corrective Therapy; Ideomotor response; Hypno aids, Biofeedback and Body Syndrome
  7. Hypnodrama
  8. Child Hypnosis
  9. Group Hypnosis
  10. GDealing the issues like Phobia, bed wetting, thumb sucking, study habits, anxiety
  11. Use of the techniques like; Circle Therapy, Desensitization, Age Regression and Life Therapy.

Level 3: Clinical Hypnosis

  1. Medical Model of Hypnosis
  2. Disease: Origin and Mind –Body Connections
  3. First Consultation
  4. Counselling Interview
  5. Writing Scripts
  6. Family System approach
  7. Healing- Low Blood Sugar, Eating Disorder, Substance Abuse, and Crisis Interventions
  8. Self Concept
  9. Defense Mechanisms
  10. General Self-Improvement
  11. Habit Control
  12. Promoting the Professional work
  13. Sexuality: Types of sexuality; development of Sexuality and Priorities as per sexuality
  14. Healthy Communication
  15. Relationship Counselling
  16. Sexual Dysfunction; Erectile Dysfunction and Frigidity

Advanced Levels

Level 4

12 Days

Life between Life Regression

  • Crossover from a past life to enter the soul memories between lives
  • Life review & understanding karmic journeys with spirit guides, angel guides, ascended masters etc.
  • Access Soul Groups to review lives, body choices and more karmic understandings
  • Access the Soul Council to resolve emotional, physical, psychological  issues through spiritual lessons.
  • Links between soul groups and people in this life
  • Reincarnation into this life and the experiences of entering the unborn; incarnation trauma etc.
  • Visiting various stages of life planning.
  • Know exactly how you chose your current life script and body.
  • Life Lessons & Purpose
  • Integration of the experience into the client’s present life
  • Understand your relationship conflicts
  • Expanding your spiritual growth

Level 5

12 Days

Transpersonal Regression

  • Reincarnation patterns
  • Accident Trauma Release
  • Natal and Prenatal Trauma experiences
  • Life Plan and Life Choices
  • Parental and Ancestral Attachments
  • Traumatic and Hangover Lifetimes
  • Painful and Limited Lifetimes
  • Confused, Unnoticed, Overwhelming Deaths;
  • Positive Lifetimes and Shy Lifetimes
  • Dealing cathartic experiences & pseudo-obsessors
  • Homing Sessions

Duration: 3 Months

Note: The students need to prepare and submit 10 cases under the supervised guidance of their instructor after completion of the course in order to qualify for DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY.

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