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how crystal healing works

How Does Crystal Healing Works

Crystal work in a holistic way. They take into account all the different parts of your being- Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual- and reach the cause of disease no matter where it is sitted. As well as relieving symptoms, crystals may also tackle the...

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sacral chakra

One Day Sacral Chakra Healing Retreat

Do you feel or experience- Lack of Creativity or imagination Lack of connection with your own sensuality Anxiety Codependency in your relationships Self-deprivation Menstrual issues Issue in acceptance of your own thoughts and emotions These are all signs of blockages connected to your sacral...

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crystal healing workshop

Crystal Energy Workshop

Do you want to put a spark into your  life,  attract abundance, get a new job,  good opportunities, peace & protection! You can! Let the magic of crystals work for you. The sheer beauty of crystals mesmerizes the mind and puts the beholder in...

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world sleep day


SLEEP The golden roadway to unconscious mind Enhancing fertility Dealing with gynecological problems And creating functional relationships Why sleep is so important? Enhances concentration and Productivity Improves overall health (– physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual) and elevates immunity Possess healing properties, repair cells; Relieves...

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